Men are Attracted to Our Youthfulness

Whether we’re 19 or 90, men love youthful women of all ages. Youthfulness is at least as much about attitude as it is about age or looks. It’s about being fresh and open. It’s about our smiles, our laughter, the way we dress, the colors we wear, and being radiantly happy. For instance, Maude, the 79 year old woman in the classic movie, Harold and Maude, was adorable to her 18 year old male friend because she had a childlike curiousity that made her lots of fun to be around. She was delightful because she still saw the world through youthful eyes. There is something about these qualities that men find rejuvenating and healing. Women with youthful attitudes bring out chivalrous qualities in men. They feel more masculine because it brings out their protective nature.

Women often ask why men seem to prefer younger women. Not truly understanding men leads some women to pursue misguided solutions to this perceived problem. They invest heavily in developing and maintaining a youthful appearance while failing to put any thought into keeping a youthful attitude or mindset. In that event, they may succeed in getting temporary attention, but the inner qualities don’t match what’s advertised on the outside. Good men walk away confused and disappointed when they encounter these women. False advertising is not a good strategy to attract a quality man. We can more easily find and keep the men of our dreams by developing attitudes of genuine youthfulness.

“But if you are truly happy inside, then age brings with it a maturity, a depth, and a power that only magnifies our radiance.”

– David Deida, Author of Intimate Communion


Traits of Youthful Attitudes:
  • She has a childlike curiosity and wonder.
  • She’s easily fascinated by new ideas and experiences.
  • She notices and appreciates little things.
  • She’s vivacious and excited about life.
  • She’s carefree and open to life.
  • She has an easy laugh.
  • She’s natural and not overly made up.
  • She can still wear ponytails, neck scarves, and pleats.
  • She’s not afraid to wear feminine flowers or ribbons in her hair.


“When a woman wears a flower in her hair, it shows men she has the courage to be girlish. Doing this can take ten years off her age.”  – Roberto, Palo Alto, California

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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Men Love Our Receptiveness       

Men love to give to their women, but they find it hard to give if women aren’t receptive to their offerings. It disappoints men when women don’t openly receive their gifts (help, service, chivalry, support) because it makes them feel unappreciated.

Receptivity is a feminine quality that’s irresistible to men. To be receptive means to be responsive, approachable, and accessible. Our receptiveness makes men feel masculine because it indicates we trust them to take the lead in a particular area.

Being receptive is not easy for most of us these days because it involves letting go of independence. Switching to our feminine receptive energy can be challenging when we arrive home from doing masculine jobs. To be receptive, we can’t remain inflexible. We can soften our resistance by letting go of the day and relaxing and being gracious receivers. Saying “yes,” “thank you,” “please,” and “that would be wonderful” to the men who love us and want to give to us.

Men have told me that they love to compliment us on our looks, our outfit, our talents, our cooking, and our skills. And they love it when we receive and appreciate their compliments. But many women reject these verbal gifts by downplaying or not believing them. We often think men are just being nice, trying to lure us into bed, or devising another ulterior motive. The vast majority of men are sincere when they give us a compliment, and if we receive their compliments graciously, it shows a delightful openness.

Allowing vs. Resistance

One aspect of receptivity is allowing, which men find refreshingly feminine. To be more allowing, we must look at what we resist. Even if we aren’t fully aware of it, most of us subconsciously resist situations and people on a daily basis. We have a difficult time trusting ourselves or others.  But, each time we resist something or someone, we limit our experiences and hinder new possibilities. And so, to allow, we must overcome our resistances.

Most resistance stems from fear of the unknown. Our ego keeps us safe by holding us in our comfort zone. Recall times in your life when you said no to something simply because it was new and unfamiliar. You might say, “Oh, I would never go camping,” or “I never stay up past 9:30 p.m.,” or “I don’t do mornings,” or “I’m not a computer person,” or “I don’t wear dresses.”  Can’t, won’t, don’t, and never are all words we use when we are resisting.

Allowing, on the other hand, is about saying “yes” to what resonates with our hearts. We often say “no” to things that could transform our lives for the better—like saying “no” to a trip to Europe or “no” to a local painting class or simply saying “no” to a first date when we could have said “yes.” We get stuck in a cycle of our habits, which can make us rigid over time. We can break out of this cycle just by asking ourselves, “Am I doing this out of habit? Or out of fear? Is there an opportunity to grow by choosing differently next time?”

Just making this small adjustment can keep us moving forward, keep us fresh, exciting, and youthful. We can reinvent our lives by doing something we’ve never done before, even if we don’t think we’ll be good at it. Our world can open up if we allow more and resist less.

When we are approachable and feminine, men are drawn to us. They see us as receptive when we embody an attitude of liking men. By smiling, making eye contact, and projecting through our body language, men we’re attracted to know we are welcoming. This open receptiveness is one of the most attractive qualities we can have in order to attract a quality man.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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Giving Men a Voice

Why Men Stay Quiet on the Topic of Our Femininity

Why don’t we know more about what men find feminine? Why haven’t men shared their opinions with us? I’ve learned men do have definite thoughts and feelings regarding women’s femininity, including what they do and don’t like, but because they’ve been ridiculed and put down for giving their opinions, they’ve grown cautious. Men know what they like, but they often don’t know how to articulate it.

Many men believe women simply don’t care about what men think.

In today’s hypersensitive political climate around gender issues, men have become careful about what they say. They might try to verbalize their ideas in a politically correct way but still offend someone. Men fear being called “sexist” or other derogatory adjectives that result in their being alienated from women. Men love and need us, which they will freely admit. Therefore, being cut off from us is the last thing they want.

Men’s ideas, opinions, and attitudes regarding femininity have been buried for so long that they might deny having any opinions at all. They need to feel safe with us before they will open up. They need to know we won’t get defensive or verbally attack them. For example, when we ask a man if he likes a certain outfit on us and he responds in a general way with “Sure honey, you look good in everything you wear,” we can be fairly sure he’s trying not to upset us by saying the wrong thing. But the truth is, men do have preferences.

So, if we want to have deeply satisfying relationships with the men in our lives, it would behoove us as woman to ask them questions about what they like and what they need regarding our femininity; and then make it safe for them to answer in an honest and direct way. In other words, one of the greatest gifts a woman can offer her man is to give him a voice. When a man feels free to voice his true thoughts and opinions, he will naturally bond to that woman and never want to leave.


Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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Men are Protectors by Nature

Men were born to be protectors. It’s in their biology. 

A man once said to me, “Do you know why men don’t have as many friends as women do? It’s because we’re too busy protecting and providing for women, most especially the one special woman.”       

Mother Nature designed man with an instinctive drive to protect females and children. It’s as though Mother Nature whispered in his ear, “Protect her! Protect her!” As a Cherokee proverb says, A man’s highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.”

We see this protectiveness in nearly all animal species. The mother protects her babies while the male protects both the mother and their offspring, even to his death if necessary. Subconsciously, men value women higher than themselves. That aspect alone should help us appreciate men more.

Today, men hear women say, “I don’t need a man to protect me.” Women have no idea what those words do to a man’s soul. Men need to be admired for being masculine—and that includes protecting women.

Safety and security sit right at the top of our needs as feminine women. It is always in the back of our minds when we’re driving alone at night, when we’re lost in a questionable neighborhood, or when we’re home alone and hear a strange noise outside our window in the middle of the night. We have traditionally looked to men for our safety. Men love to provide security for women because it makes them feel purposeful, needed, and masculine.

Good men want to be protective because doing so gives them great satisfaction. They don’t need us to protect them in return. They don’t need our money. They don’t need our gifts. What they need from us is admiration, appreciation, and affection. Is that too much for them to ask in return for keeping us safe?

Have you ever experienced a man coming to your rescue? How did you respond? How did you feel about his protection?


Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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Men Are Saddened by Women’s Unwarranted Insecurities

Did you know that men are saddened by our insecurities?

Because we females are relationship oriented, we have a natural desire to be liked and to belong. Madison Avenue is amply aware of this aspect of our biology and takes full advantage by feeding us endless ads of perfect airbrushed images. Consciously or subconsciously, we compare ourselves to these examples of beauty and come up short. Over time, these exaggerated images assault our self-esteem by contributing to our feelings of insecurity.

Then, to encourage us to buy more and more, the appearance industry cleverly sells our “confidence” back to us through endless fashion fads, beauty products, skin treatments, weight-loss pills, and plastic surgeries. This negative feedback loop never gives us what we need.

While many of us don’t realize how the beauty industry has shaped us over time, men are keenly aware of how much we have been exposed to and influenced by deceptive advertising and rampant materialism. Men say they feel saddened when they observe the powerful effects the media—especially women’s magazines—has on our self-worth. According to many quality men I talk with, we could do without most of these beauty products and services and still be genuinely attractive to them. The fastest way for us to opt out of this vicious cycle of insecurity is to realize that our most attractive asset is simply our radiant feminine nature.

As one man put it, “A woman’s smile is more valuable than millions of dollars’ worth of purchased beauty.” I don’t know about you, but I love hearing that.


Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Simply Feminine, Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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