1. Soften your edges.
  2. Focus on the love in your heart.
  3. Practice being warm and kind to others.
  4. Practice surrendering to life.
  5. Relax more, breath deeper.
  6. Be open to receive.
  7. Be responsive to your man.
  8. Show your radiant smile.
  9. Be nurturing.
  10. Wear attractive colors.
  11. Create beauty around you.
  12. Beautify yourself.
  13. Feel gratitude for what you have.
  14. Practice admiring men.
  15. Move gracefully.
  16. Accentuate your curves.
  17. Laugh often.
  18. Go Barefoot.
  19. Choose to be happy.
  20. Be lighthearted and playful.
  21. Be curious about life.
  22. Forget your age and be youthful.
  23. Wear longer hair.
  24. Practice sensual rituals.
  25. Practice vulnerability.
  26. Use your intuition.
  27. Wear dresses/skirts.
  28. Think girl-next-door freshness.
  29. Practice the art of touch.
  30. Be classy in appearance and attitude.



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