Men Are Natural Protectors

A man once said to me, “Do you know why men don’t have as many friends as women do? It’s because we’re too busy protecting and providing for women, most especially the one special woman.”       

Mother Nature designed man with an instinctive drive to protect females and children. It’s as though Mother Nature whispered in his ear, “Protect her! Protect her!” As a Cherokee proverb says, “A man’s highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.”

We see this protectiveness in nearly all animal species. The mother protects her babies while the male protects both the mother and their offspring, even to his death if necessary. Subconsciously, men value women higher than themselves. That aspect alone should help us appreciate men more.

Today, men hear women say, “I don’t need a man to protect me.” Women have no idea what those words do to a man’s soul. Men need to be admired for being masculine—and that includes protecting women.

Safety and security sit right at the top of our needs as feminine women. It is always in the back of our minds when we’re driving alone at night, when we’re lost in a questionable neighborhood, or when we’re home alone and hear a strange noise outside our window in the middle of the night. We have traditionally looked to men for our safety. Men love to provide security for women because it makes them feel purposeful, needed, and masculine.

Good men want to be protective because doing so gives them great satisfaction. They don’t need us to protect them in return. They don’t need our money. They don’t need our gifts. What they need from us is admiration, appreciation, and affection.


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Femininity Is Timeless

In the not-so-distant past, men and women revered femininity because they understood its worth in mutual attraction, courtship, love, and marriage. Femininity was the cornerstone of a successful, functioning society, but especially since the 1960s, we’ve dishonored it.

We have confused tradition with nature. While traditions change over time, nature stays consistent for millions of years. Although we may now view femininity and masculinity as traditional social constructs, these essences are aspects of our nature. Femininity is a timeless truth that won’t disappear. Men of all ages innately understand this. Unlike fashion fads, femininity won’t go out of style. We can try to shame it away, but Mother Nature will always bring us back to what’s real.

The diminishment of femininity in recent decades has hurt men and women alike. We often hear about how women today are less happy than their mothers and grandmothers. We women have paid a high price by abandoning our true selves. The cost has been immense, especially in our love relationships with men.

As feminine women at our core, we will never feel deeply happy unless we reawaken our feminine nature, because that is where our heart lies. As long as we hide behind a mask of masculinity, we will remain unfulfilled because that’s not who we are. Men are waiting for our return.

Quality vs. Unhealthy Men

It’s extremely important to point out that we as women need to know the difference between healthy men and unhealthy men. Unhealthy men, even though they might be truly financially successful, are for the most part highly insecure and are always looking for ways to prove themselves to the world. These are not the kind of men we want. These men are often narcissistic and will only bring us pain in the long run. They have little integrity or depth and will think nothing of lying to us or others to get what they want. Sadly, these are the types of men who seem to get all the press, while the quality men don’t get much play in the media.



Avoid Men Who


  • Are highly insecure.
  • Are overly jealous or possessive.
  • Don’t support your passions/growth.
  • Ignore you.
  • Don’t adore you.
  • Are hot and cold with you.
  • Use or abuse you in any way.
  • Are emotionally unavailable.
  • Lie to you.
  • Won’t commit to you.
  • Don’t truly love you.
  • Ask you to alter your body surgically.
  • Aren’t proud to show you off.
  • Are narcissistic.
  • Lack clear direction and purpose.
  • Are argumentative.
  • Are without integrity
  • Are rage-a-holics.
  • Players who cheat on you.
  • Cheat in business.
  • Don’t care about others.
  • Are “bad boys”.
  • Are “Peter Pans”.
  • Are passive-aggressive.
  • Are manipulative.



Traits of Quality Men to Choose


  • Emotionally healthy.
  • Capable of loving.
  • Secure in himself.
  • Are available.
  • Has integrity.
  • Are trustworthy.
  • Loves you unconditionally.
  • Values who you are.
  • Committed to you.
  • Faithful to you.
  • Loyal to you.
  • Adores you.
  • Supports your passion and growth.
  • Are honest.
  • Are giving.
  • Are protective.
  • Have similar values.
  • Are admirable and respectable.
  • Good conflict resolution skills.
  • Enjoy being with you.
  • Like who you are with him.

What I Learned to Appreciate about Men

In case we need reminding, here are some of the things I learned to appreciate about men while writing my book Simply feminine…


14 Surprising Things I Learned from Men


  1. Men are more sensitive than we realize.
  2. Men rarely, if ever, gossip.
  3. Men won’t open up if we gossip.
  4. One of men’s greatest goals is to make women happy.
  5. Men need admiration more than they need love, or even sex.
  6. To men, the prettiest thing we can wear is our smile.
  7. Not all men are into large breasts.
  8. Men know what’s feminine because they are the beholders.
  9. Most men are touch starved today.
  10. Men are capable of loving more deeply than we are.
  11. Men need us to need them.
  12. Men need to impress us.
  13. Men don’t notice our little imperfections.
  14. Men see our beauty when we often don’t.



Examples of What Men Do for Us


Men have done the vast majority of the dangerous, dirty, and difficult jobs. In addition, they have fought our wars for us, and many have died.

To gain a greater appreciation of men and their masculinity, I’ve created a partial list of some of the dangerous and difficult jobs men do for the sake of keeping our society running smoothly. (Note that there are some women who perform these dangerous jobs too. However, feminine-core women rarely, if ever, have an interest in doing them.)



Dangerous, Difficult, Dirty Jobs Men Do


Armored car guard

Atomic power and chemical plant worker


Bomb squad

Bridge builders

Cement makers

Coal miners

Coast guard search and rescue

Commercial fishing

Construction laborers

Crab fishing

Crop dusting

Deep-sea diver

Demolition workers


Farming and ranching


Fire truck driving

Forklift operators

High rise window washers

Industrial machinery workers

Land mine detector

Logging and timber

Military duty in conflict zones

Oilrig operators

Pilots (planes and helicopters)

Police officer

Power line installer

Refuge and recycling collecting (harmful chemicals, hazardous waste and dangerous machinery)

Rescue helicopter pilots

Road construction


Skyscraper builders

Snow rescue

Soldiers in battle

Structural iron and steel workers

Taxi drivers/Truck drivers


Men Are Energized by Our Femininity

Mother Nature engineered men to desire us and to feel energetically charged around us. They say they can feel this charge just by thinking about us! Nothing makes a man feel more masculine than being with a feminine woman who recognizes and acknowledges his manly qualities and gives him her nurturing, loving, soft energy. Her femininity brings extra vibrancy and life to his masculinity. But a woman who forsakes her femininity reduces her ability to energize a man, weakening the bonding force between them. Like a trellis without a vine, a man can feel his existence becoming barren, gray, and harsh without the nurturing presence of a woman in his life. It’s been observed time and time again that married men are happier and live longer than unmarried men. In other words, we are the icing on their cake, the cherry on their plain vanilla ice cream!

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