In the not-so-distant past, men and women revered femininity because they understood its worth in mutual attraction, courtship, love, and marriage. Femininity was the cornerstone of a successful, functioning society, but especially since the 1960s, we’ve dishonored it.

We have confused tradition with nature. While traditions change over time, nature stays consistent for millions of years. Although we may now view femininity and masculinity as traditional social constructs, these essences are aspects of our nature. Femininity is a timeless truth that won’t disappear. Men of all ages innately understand this. Unlike fashion fads, femininity won’t go out of style. We can try to shame it away, but Mother Nature will always bring us back to what’s real.

The diminishment of femininity in recent decades has hurt men and women alike. We often hear about how women today are less happy than their mothers and grandmothers. We women have paid a high price by abandoning our true selves. The cost has been immense, especially in our love relationships with men.

As feminine women at our core, we will never feel deeply happy unless we reawaken our feminine nature, because that is where our heart lies. As long as we hide behind a mask of masculinity, we will remain unfulfilled because that’s not who we are. Men are waiting for our return.

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