A very feminine 66 years young!

Dr Marilyn Joyce is now a feminine-looking 66 years young!  Morgan transformed her from drab, below, to dazzling.




Due to a roller coaster ride with my weight, up and down the scales in my earlier years, I fell into wearing baggy, shapeless clothes, believing that they hid any bodily flaws I perceived I had. Often I wore men’s sweaters for the same reason. It became a habit…a bad habit in fact.

And after investing several thousand dollars with 3 different image consultants over the years, each one telling me I was a different season than the one before had presented, I had a closet overflowing with a lot of clothes I never felt comfortable wearing. And as it turns out…for good reason. Intuitively I knew the colors and styles did little or nothing to enhance my image or bring out my best. Neither the colors nor the styles were flattering, enhancing or feminine. Lots of black, and lots of pants. And not much else!

Enter Morgan Wonderly…and my entire perspective and outlook on femininity, namely presenting my beautiful feminine shape and personality, changed completely. Morgan introduced me to my most attractive feminine self. She completely overhauled my closet and my make-up case, discarding everything that didn’t work and/or was very aging, and selected the most flattering and enhancing colors, fabrics, styles and make-up, for my figure and coloring. She colored, cut and styled my hair, and followed that with an in depth make-up lesson. She then put me in figure flattering dresses and accents – and completed the process with a photo session with my new look.

I look twenty years younger! I truly feel like a new feminine woman, reveling in this new understanding of what true femininity means…and it is anything but the weakness I was duped into believing it was for far too many decades! It is a real joy to now experience men and women’s eyes lighting up when I enter into a room. Wow, what a feeling! Thank you so much Morgan for your incredibly masterful and artistic eye and flair when it comes to transforming the old dowdy me into the new shapely feminine woman that I have spent much of my life hiding! No more hiding for this woman!

Dr Marilyn Joyce
Author, Speaker, Catalyst for Global Peace, Los Angeles, CA

Dr Marilyn, The Vitality Doctor

Marilyn Joyce, PhD, RD is is an author, educator and internationally renowned speaker with more than thirty years of experience at the forefront of nutrition, health and education. Her thriving private practice spans the globe.

With her beginnings in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition, as well as Yoga and whole person (Mind-Body-Spirit) wellness, Dr Joyce approaches nutrition and lifestyle practices from both a scientific and a holistic perspective. She was the Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the mid-nineties.

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