Whether we’re 19 or 90, men love youthful women of all ages. Youthfulness is at least as much about attitude as it is about age or looks. It’s about being fresh and open. It’s about our smiles, our laughter, the way we dress, the colors we wear, and being radiantly happy. For instance, Maude, the 79 year old woman in the classic movie, Harold and Maude, was adorable to her 18 year old male friend because she had a childlike curiousity that made her lots of fun to be around. She was delightful because she still saw the world through youthful eyes. There is something about these qualities that men find rejuvenating and healing. Women with youthful attitudes bring out chivalrous qualities in men. They feel more masculine because it brings out their protective nature.

Women often ask why men seem to prefer younger women. Not truly understanding men leads some women to pursue misguided solutions to this perceived problem. They invest heavily in developing and maintaining a youthful appearance while failing to put any thought into keeping a youthful attitude or mindset. In that event, they may succeed in getting temporary attention, but the inner qualities don’t match what’s advertised on the outside. Good men walk away confused and disappointed when they encounter these women. False advertising is not a good strategy to attract a quality man. We can more easily find and keep the men of our dreams by developing attitudes of genuine youthfulness.

“But if you are truly happy inside, then age brings with it a maturity, a depth, and a power that only magnifies our radiance.”

– David Deida, Author of Intimate Communion


Traits of Youthful Attitudes:
  • She has a childlike curiosity and wonder.
  • She’s easily fascinated by new ideas and experiences.
  • She notices and appreciates little things.
  • She’s vivacious and excited about life.
  • She’s carefree and open to life.
  • She has an easy laugh.
  • She’s natural and not overly made up.
  • She can still wear ponytails, neck scarves, and pleats.
  • She’s not afraid to wear feminine flowers or ribbons in her hair.


“When a woman wears a flower in her hair, it shows men she has the courage to be girlish. Doing this can take ten years off her age.”  – Roberto, Palo Alto, California

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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