This is a before and after of one of my clients.  Notice how she was hiding her curves in the before photo.

It’s important to know that men love curves of all sizes. Some men prefer smaller curves while others prefer larger curves. Nevertheless, the operative word is curves.

Men want to see our hourglass, so accentuating our waistline is the goal. Why do you think women wore corsets in days gone by? It was all about the sought-after hourglass. One way to accentuate our waist is to wear princess-cut tops or dresses that cinch at the waist. We can also achieve this look by wearing form-fitting—not tight—clothing. Vertical ribbing in tops and dresses is another wonderful way of accentuating our curves because the lines trace our form in a subtle way that catches a man’s attention. A word of caution: Don’t wear clothes that are too tight. Wearing a dress that’s too tight can appear cheap or “trampy.” It also gives the appearance that we’re wearing clothes we’ve outgrown from weight gain. Not a pretty sight.

Another way to accomplish the hourglass look is with belts. Choose belts that are on the thinner side. Men say they dislike thick belts and don’t find them feminine because they remind them of a workman’s tool belt or a wrestler’s belt. Choose a belt that matches the dress, or a neutral or complementary color.



“I find models who are too thin to be almost boyish,

and not attractive.”

– Mason



“Muscular women don’t look feminine because they’ve lost

their soft curves.” 

– John



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