Men love to see women wear feminine colors because they like to think of us as flowers that color their black-and-white world. Men wonder why so many women wear black, gray, and brown today. Think of the last time you saw a beautiful flower garden. Did you see any black, gray, or brown flowers? Only if the flowers were dead or dying.

While traveling in India in 2007, I observed Indian women dressed in silky, colorful saris. In a country of bleakness and hardship, these women stood out like beautiful flowers. One young woman wearing a gorgeous orange sari flowing in the wind caught my attention. She smiled as she posed for my photograph, clearly aware of her feminine beauty and grace.

For us as women, color impacts our psyche. Pretty colors lift our mood and brighten our day, while drab colors can affect us more negatively. How can we feel cheerful if we’re wearing such a serious color as gray? On the other hand, when men wear dark colors, such as black, gray, and brown, that represents masculine characteristics like stability, strength, and support. These serious, no-frill colors mean business. For example, a black, gray, or brown trellis provides a contrast to the flowering vine. When men see us wearing lifeless masculine colors, they wonder if we’re trying to hide or become invisible to them.

Sure, men love the little black dress. However, what they love is that it’s little and that it’s a dress! It shows off our legs, shoulders, neck, and back. If we wore a little pink dress or a little red dress, we would stand out even more from the other women in the room. The color men notice first is red.

We all have our best colors depending on our skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Some of us have higher contrast in our coloring—dark hair and lighter skin—while some of us have lower contrast—dark skin and dark hair, or light skin and light hair. Recognizing these nuances, along with having our personal color chart done, can go a long way to helping us select the most appropriate and congruent colors that bring out our true essence and natural beauty.

We want men to be drawn to our lovely faces, particularly our eyes and smiles. Choose colors and jewelry that draw attention to the eyes, lips, or hair. A blue top or scarf goes well with blue eyes (but should never be brighter than the eye color). Pearls bring out the color of our teeth and accent a beautiful smile. Rose pink draws out the hue in the lips.

Avoid wearing colors that clash with your natural skin tone. Skin with a lot of yellow will clash with blue-pinks. Find the right shade of pink that works based on your skin tone. Every woman has her best shades of pink and red, the romance colors.

(Taken from my book “Simply Feminine, Surprising Insights from Men”, Chapter 8, Feminine Looks Men Love.)

Here is a recent comment on this topic by a man:

“When I see a woman dressed in a black, it makes me think quite a few things such as: she is hiding her curves, she has lack of imagination, maybe she’s lazy, or doesn’t want to be different from her girlfriends or the worst is that she thinks she looks good.  I find it quite hard to compliment a woman in black. I find myself wanting to ask…”Are you going to a funeral?”  

If a woman wears some color, or a dress with some flair men become more intrigued. While a black dress only matches your mascara, wearing some color adorns you. We start to notice how the color matches those sparkling eyes, the highlights in your hair, how your jewelry now stands out, your earrings have more pizazz, that scarf brings out the rosy in your cheeks and best of all, find a color that matches your lipstick that draws our attention to those lips that we are now noticing and dying to kiss.”  

                                    —Jay, Executive Management, Orange County, CA

By the way, Color is my specialty. If you’d like to have your most flattering colors hand selected and customized for you, let me know. I have the eye of an artist. Oh, maybe that’s because I am an artist!