I was surprised to learn how much the simplest, most unassuming nuances can have the biggest effect in captivating men. Men take note of certain things we would never expect. While men don’t always observe or focus on our imperfections, they do notice small gestures and qualities that make us enchantingly feminine to them. Here are some examples:

  • The twinkle in our eye when we communicate our interest.
  • That certain look that speaks volumes.
  • The way our strands of hair frame our face and shoulders.
  • The delicate movements of our hands and wrists.
  • The carefree way our hair blows in the breeze.
  • The uninhibited giggles we let out when he says something humorous.
  • The back of our neck that’s exposed when our hair is pulled up.
  • The delicacy of our fingers holding a fork or wine glass.
  • The radiant smiles we flash him.
  • The soft whispers we breathe into his ear.
  • The dangling of a shoe when one leg is crossed over the other.
  • The strap of our dress or blouse slipping off our shoulder.
  • The mindless way we twirl our hair with our finger when we’re nervous.
  • The way we sing like a songbird from another part of the house.
  • The fresh smell we have after a bath.
  • The clean scent of our hair just after it’s washed.


The simple movements and gestures that men find endearing require little or no effort on our part. To men, femininity isn’t so much what we do, it’s who we are naturally, authentically.

A number of men told me about moments from the past with feminine women that they’ll never forget. One man remembered holding his girlfriend’s hand and twirling the ring on her finger as a way of connecting while they listened to a monotonous speaker. Another remembered seeing a redhead from behind in a grocery store and being in awe of her beautiful red curls. Another man remembered an Italian woman he encountered in Rome who gave him a warm and unforgettable smile as she walked by.

From the way men talk about these memories, I’ve been repeatedly awestruck by how these special little moments seem embedded in men’s minds forever. Even when we may not be aware of it, men notice us. When we realize that men appreciate the little things about us, it will give us greater confidence and make us feel more beautiful. And when we feel beautiful, we are beautiful!


Jim, an engineer from California, once remarked:


“I will never forget a waitress I observed at a restaurant in a shopping mall. She had a good body, looked like she was very active, not at all overweight, and not over-the-top sexy either, just genuinely healthy-looking. She was running around helping everyone she could. She was laughing, she was happy, and the customers seemed to love her. I noticed a couple of the male waiters watching her, as she was covering far more tables and customers than they were. They were grinning. I felt that this was a woman that I could like. Her attitude was extremely attractive to me, and she was wonderfully feminine in my eyes. What I didn’t tell you is that apart from her attitude, and an athletic, womanly body, she would be considered quite homely, perhaps a 3 on a 1-10 scale. But she didn’t know it! From her attitude you would have thought that she felt she was the most beautiful woman in the world!”

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