Since most men struggle today in a world that doesn’t admire them, they look to their female partner to meet this need. Just as women need adoration, men need admiration. When a woman admires a man, it is much easier for him to adore her. When we admire him, we give him a precious gift, the gift of feeling masculine. If a woman can’t admire the man she’s with, she’s with the wrong man.


Here are some attributes for which men wish to be admired:

Leadership skills, good character, physical strength, protection, dependability, honesty, honor, trustworthiness, courage, good provider, sharp intellect, good lover, good father, respectful of women, chivalry, specialized knowledge, loyalty, integrity, and competence.


Ways to Show Admiration for Your Man:

  • Speaking words of affirmation and appreciation.
  • Telling others how much you admire him.
  • Giving him a heartfelt smile that lets him know you love him.
  • Being affectionate or cuddling.
  • Responding to him sexually, and, on occasion, approaching him.
  • Allowing him uninterrupted alone time.
  • Asking for his opinion—and then taking his advice.
  • Making yourself attractive and feminine for him.
  • Wearing a dress he loves on you when you go out together.
  • Letting him do tasks without correcting him, criticizing him, or making him feel uncomfortable.
  • Allowing him to be your hero by helping you with a problem.
  • Telling him you’re proud of him.
  • Trusting him in the areas where he excels.
  • Listening to him without interrupting.
  • Keeping his confidences and secrets.

If Aphrodite were to tell us only one secret about men, this would be it: Of all the things men need from us, admiration matters most. They need admiration more than they need love and … drum roll… even more than they need sex! By applying this crucial piece of knowledge, you will be amazed at how quickly it can enhance your love life with men.

Here is the main point you need to remember…“You admire him—he adores you.” What we give out to good men comes back to us tenfold.

When we value the men in our lives by admiring them, they will bond with us in a much more intimate way. When was the last time you praised the special man in your life? If it’s been awhile, what are three things you could tell him you admire in him?

Excerpt taken from Chapter 6, What Men Need from Us, “Simply Feminine, Surprising Insights from Men” by Morgan Wonderly.


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