Did you know that men are saddened by our insecurities?

Because we females are relationship oriented, we have a natural desire to be liked and to belong. Madison Avenue is amply aware of this aspect of our biology and takes full advantage by feeding us endless ads of perfect airbrushed images. Consciously or subconsciously, we compare ourselves to these examples of beauty and come up short. Over time, these exaggerated images assault our self-esteem by contributing to our feelings of insecurity.

Then, to encourage us to buy more and more, the appearance industry cleverly sells our “confidence” back to us through endless fashion fads, beauty products, skin treatments, weight-loss pills, and plastic surgeries. This negative feedback loop never gives us what we need.

While many of us don’t realize how the beauty industry has shaped us over time, men are keenly aware of how much we have been exposed to and influenced by deceptive advertising and rampant materialism. Men say they feel saddened when they observe the powerful effects the media—especially women’s magazines—has on our self-worth. According to many quality men I talk with, we could do without most of these beauty products and services and still be genuinely attractive to them. The fastest way for us to opt out of this vicious cycle of insecurity is to realize that our most attractive asset is simply our radiant feminine nature.

As one man put it, “A woman’s smile is more valuable than millions of dollars’ worth of purchased beauty.” I don’t know about you, but I love hearing that.


Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Simply Feminine, Surprising Insights from Men by Morgan Wonderly

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