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Hey Ladies,

I just learned that this Thursday, September 27th is National Scarf Day. It’s the first of its kind and founded by the classic scarf company, Echo.

I have had a scarf obsession for many years now. I find that they are the perfect complement to any outfit to add additional color and style. As an image expert, when I work with my female clients, I always help them accessorize with at least a couple of beautiful scarves in their signature colors.

For example, one of my signature colors is red,

so I will often accent a basic blue, navy, teal, or cream dress with my favorite red Echo neck scarf to add interest and flair. Men tell me they are attracted to these neck scarves on us because they are flirty, feminine and draw attention to our lovely faces, particularly our eyes and smiles. To emphasize your eyes, wear a scarf that matches your blue or green eyes. To emphasize your lips and smile, wear a pink or rose colored scarf. A patterned scarf with two or more of your signature colors adds even more visual appeal.

With longer scarves, there are so many different looks you can achieve by wearing and tying them in different ways. You can simply Google ways to wear scarves. You’ll be surprised at the countless images of fantastic, fun, feminine looks.

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Morgan Wonderly,
Author of Simply Feminine and Image Expert


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