We women underestimate the power of our radiant, feminine smile to attract men. Few of us comprehend what this kind of beautiful smile means to men. We can dress to the nines, but where men are concerned, if we don’t smile, our allure and magnetism are canceled out. Men perceive unsmiling women as unattractive, unreceptive, and unavailable.

Men say that many women today have become too serious. It’s a woman’s lighthearted, cheerful nature that better illuminates her feminine energy. When women lose sight of their soft nature, it hurts them. It hurts their health and well-being. It hurts their relationships. Our smile can light up a man’s world and send a warm welcome. Our smile is inviting to him and implies our openness to a conversation. Our smile makes him feel masculine and admired. It also makes us appear much more beautiful and youthful.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” – from the Broadway musical Annie

Perhaps one reason we aren’t aware of the impact of our feminine smiles on men is that men’s smiles don’t have a corresponding effect on us. In most cases, we can be just as attracted to a man with a serious, unsmiling look as we are to a man with a smile. In fact, men can often look more masculine and appealing to us when they look serious. There is a biological reason for this: we feminine women look to the masculine for security, protection, and support, and this is serious business. Serious business does not require a smile, and we know this intuitively. Think of some attractive male celebrities. Notice how sexy they can look when they are seriously focused on their mission or goal. By contrast, a man’s attraction for us is increased when we smile radiantly as we interact with him.

It takes courage to smile at men; it can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. We may hesitate in smiling at men because we fear it will seem like a come-on. But most men don’t take it that way. Most men see our smile as a wonderful compliment, and most will simply smile back. The rewards are well worth stepping out of our comfort zone.

A woman is only as beautiful as her smile.” – a man once said to me,

Every man I’ve talked to agrees with that statement. Much of the time, and without realizing it, we women smile halfheartedly, if at all. A genuine smile comes from the heart, from joy and appreciation. An authentic, radiant smile lights up your entire face, causing your eyes to brighten and sparkle. It tells a man you’re happy to see him.

To see the difference yourself, practice your smile in the mirror and bring your smartphone. First try smiling halfheartedly in the mirror and take a selfie. Then focus a real smile from a happy heart. To accomplish this kind of smile, close your eyes and move your attention down into your heart. Focus on a time when you were deeply in love or received a wonderful surprise. When you feel that you have fully embodied that feeling, smile, open your eyes, look in the mirror, and take another selfie. Compare the two photos and notice the brightness in your face and the sparkle in your eyes in the second one. You’ll see the difference immediately. You’ll notice how much younger you look because this kind of smile gives an instant face-lift! That’s the radiant smile that melts men’s hearts.

This radiant smile is much easier to come by with an attitude of lightheartedness. It’s your birthright to lighten up, laugh, giggle, and bring out the little girl in you. Lightheartedness is a gift that not only benefits you, but the men in your life as well. Your sincere smile helps take them out of their serious workaday world.

Excerpts taken from “Simply Feminine, Surprising Insights from Men” by Morgan Wonderly

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