It’s extremely important to point out that we as women need to know the difference between healthy men and unhealthy men. Unhealthy men, even though they might be truly financially successful, are for the most part highly insecure and are always looking for ways to prove themselves to the world. These are not the kind of men we want. These men are often narcissistic and will only bring us pain in the long run. They have little integrity or depth and will think nothing of lying to us or others to get what they want. Sadly, these are the types of men who seem to get all the press, while the quality men don’t get much play in the media.



Avoid Men Who


  • Are highly insecure.
  • Are overly jealous or possessive.
  • Don’t support your passions/growth.
  • Ignore you.
  • Don’t adore you.
  • Are hot and cold with you.
  • Use or abuse you in any way.
  • Are emotionally unavailable.
  • Lie to you.
  • Won’t commit to you.
  • Don’t truly love you.
  • Ask you to alter your body surgically.
  • Aren’t proud to show you off.
  • Are narcissistic.
  • Lack clear direction and purpose.
  • Are argumentative.
  • Are without integrity
  • Are rage-a-holics.
  • Players who cheat on you.
  • Cheat in business.
  • Don’t care about others.
  • Are “bad boys”.
  • Are “Peter Pans”.
  • Are passive-aggressive.
  • Are manipulative.



Traits of Quality Men to Choose


  • Emotionally healthy.
  • Capable of loving.
  • Secure in himself.
  • Are available.
  • Has integrity.
  • Are trustworthy.
  • Loves you unconditionally.
  • Values who you are.
  • Committed to you.
  • Faithful to you.
  • Loyal to you.
  • Adores you.
  • Supports your passion and growth.
  • Are honest.
  • Are giving.
  • Are protective.
  • Have similar values.
  • Are admirable and respectable.
  • Good conflict resolution skills.
  • Enjoy being with you.
  • Like who you are with him.

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