A fabulous makeover!
Silvica admittedly was fashion challenged (below). No more!  Morgan brought out her expressive beauty with contemporary styles and vibrant colors.




When it came to my outer image, I struggled with selecting the right pieces/colors/styles that accurately reflected who I was on the inside.

And then I met Morgan.

In one session with her, I learned how to select the right colors for me—colors that would be congruent with my personality and skin tone. I also learned makeup tips and how to better style my hair by adding bangs. Best of all, I learned how to get all the exterior aspects to match the confidence and character of my inside as well as bring out my natural femininity.

Getting ready for events is so much easier now! And, as a mental performance coach, I can feel the difference that the internal/external congruence has on myself and my clients.

Thank you Morgan!

Silvica Rosca
Career and Mental Performance Coach, Fullerton, CA

Silvica Rosca, Career and Mental Performance Coach

As a career and mental performance coach, Silvica helps women who work in male dominated industries and entrepreneurs facing the challenges of running a business to master the mental game, get the new skills, tools and systems they need to help create the mindset, focus and level of productivity they need to be the CHAMPIONS of their field.

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