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What men say about Simply Feminine

I was mesmerized by chapters one and two. You just might be surprised by how many men will want to read your book, and by doing so, men just may be the key to igniting the spark that returns the allure of femininity I believe woman desperately wish to return to. If this be true, wouldn’t it be a wonderful thought that … years into the future… your book was recognized as the match that ignited the “feminine rebirth!”


M.D., San Diego, CA

Without any fluff, or blowing smoke, I Absolutely ADORE what you have written…..!!!!! It’s concise, flows well, and I love that you have included quotes by men. Your section on “Men Are Simple” gets 5 Stars Plus.!! I’m so pleased to see that you have a recap at the end of each chapter. With so much information in these chapters, It allowed me to go back and read certain segments, again, to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

I thought your book was an excellent work showing the depth and understanding that you have developed living your life. Not everyone can put their thoughts together as well as you have in this book!
Robert G.

YOU’RE DOING A FABULOUS JOB; thorough, clear, wonderfully readable one word at a time or scanning for content. You’re not preachy or authoritarian, instead backing up your presentation with well-chosen references. You could sell plenty of copies of just this chapter to the millions of men whose self esteem has shriveled/gone limp from lack of acknowledgment. Seriously, while a valid way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, another is through his self esteem via some well-timed appreciation. Just a few words are powerful fuel for his motor.
As much as I admired and respected you abilities, this is way beyond my expectations. Move over, John Gray.


Your book is well written and your text flows well. Difficult to place the book down.
The happiest women I know are those that relish their femininity with their husbands. They tend to be ones still married to their first husbands with well adjusted children and families. These husbands love the fact their wives wish to be feminine, and work hard to keep this natural balance in their marriages.


It’s true that men mostly just want to be admired, appreciated and to feel useful. Just a smile can melt a guy’s heart. I still remember the smile Donna gave me in the elevator years ago before we started dating.
David J.

You are an insightful writer and your work product is magnificent.

“The way to earn a man’s heart is to appreciate him. With appreciation, he will do almost anything for her.”
It’s not the food, it’s the effort. It’s the attitude with which it’s done. Is it done with love or resentment?


Computer Consultant, Atlanta, GA

You mention “man cave on rare occasions.” I believe this is an important point to emphasize as this man cave we build is often where men retreat to relive and build upon their fondest masculine memories. A woman who supports her mans man cave is adored by her man for her understanding and approval, and very often envied by her mans male friends.


M.D., San Diego, CA

I just finished reading your first two chapters. It is EXTREMELY well written. It is insightful, inspiring, and very informative. I look forward to reading the rest. Awesome job!

Paragraph “Men need to win with us” Spot On !

Of course, femininity comes in many forms, not just in good looks and a stylish appearance. It can be quirky or humorous or thoughtful and kind, or a combination of all those things, but if it is genuine, it will be endearing, and someone will find that very attractive and sexy. So, Morgan, those are a few of my thoughts about femininity. I’m definitely going to read your book.

Morgan’s book is an important breakthrough, as it provides a starting point for men and women to talk more honestly about their respective needs (and roles). By being a voice, a champion for the views of men, she’s performing a key service for the future of gender relations. The view that the genders have no differences, that we shouldn’t preserve and celebrate them, is a social disaster—progressively pushing us to the end of heterosexual romantic bonding. Men everywhere are impressed that Morgan has had the courage to step up and explain how we feel about the centrality of femininity—for the sake of rest-of-life love.


I think feminine females would be pleasantly amused to learn just how visual men are—with respect to detecting femininity in their field of view. Indeed, a woman who loves her femininity—who unabashedly accentuates her colors, curls, curves,… all the sweet wholesomeness of what men consider feminine—can be spotted, almost instantly, from a football field away.

Denver, CO

Hi Morgan. I just finished reading your introduction and the first two chapters of your book. Wow! I’m blown away by your effort and dedication. Your writing is concise and well-crafted, and I love the tone of your voice, which is firm and direct and clearly feminine. It’s a wonderful book and a tremendous accomplishment.

I think I fell in love with my fiancee on our second date. As she studied the menu, she kept brushing back a strand of hair from the side of her face and putting it behind her ear. I was mesmerized. She was beautiful, and I had to restrain myself from leaning over and kissing her on the cheek.

Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

There is so much great content and valuable insights in Chapter 2. Your observation that men are fascinated by femininity is dead on. As you state so eloquently, femininity is of such value to men because nothing can take its place. It is priceless and can’t be bought. I love those thoughts. You write that femininity is the lifeblood of masculinity. So true! It comes across so clearly in this chapter that men are endlessly inspired by the allure of femininity. They may not fully understand it, but it really doesn’t matter. You convey so well to your female readers in this chapter the tremendous effect femininity has on men, and the unspoken dynamics that go on daily between men and women. I’ll bet that many of your female readers have never thought about it quite that way, but will now feel great inspiration. And that is the purpose of your book! It also became apparent to me in this chapter, Morgan, that you truly admire and care about men. There is no pitting ‘her against him’, as so many feminists do, nor any sense that competitiveness has a role in the relationships between men and women. You have no hostility, and your tone is ever so feminine.

Men really do want to please.

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