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What women say about Simply Feminine

The ideas in this book made significant life changes easy and joyful for me. Definitely a must read book not just for women but also for real gentlemen who still appreciate a real feminine woman. It opens curiosity for men and women while at the same time helping to improve relationships: women being more appreciative of men for the things they do, and for men to increase their masculinity and not loose the important part of what they truly are. An eye opening book for me to be more of the true woman that I am and appreciate my husband more.


Tampa, FL

Wow, without reading this book I would never have understood. I’ve been a very independent woman who thought I didn’t need a man. I’m 67 and never been married. After reading Morgan’s book I now realize I want to embrace my femininity, as I realize its value for the first time. Being feminine feels so different in a really good way. As a result I have an amazing new man in my life. He loves my femininity and gives me so much in return. I have a new life and I’m so happy and grateful. Thank you Morgan Wonderly.


San Diego, CA

I’ve learned so much valuable information from working with Morgan & reading her book. She has helped me go through my wardrobe and has shown me how to look feminine and wear color which men love. I have also learned the value of smiling more and showing appreciation to men. Since working with her more than two years ago and following her advice, I have met the man of my dreams and we are now happily married! I’ve learned that I don’t have to strive to earn his adoration. The more I simply appreciate and admire my husband, the more he returns adoration to me and does everything in his power to please me. I now feel so taken care of.


Prescott, AZ

I have been a good friend with Morgan since before the inception of her book. I always believed that this book was meant to be written by Morgan even before she wrote it. She was all about helping women be their personal best in regards to clothing, fashion, make up, basic manners, the use of language and most importantly–rediscovering their femininity. We talked about how femininity seems to be a dirty word these days, we also discussed how male/female rolls are so different these days with men and women reversing roles. So when she decided to write the book, I believed it was her destiny to get it out there and share it with the world. I learned about my best colors from Morgan and how little minor adjustments in my appearance and my demeanor can make a huge difference in how I interact with the men in my life, namely the ‘love of my life’ of 8 years, who I met after I learned and applied Morgan’s principles.


Las Vegas, NV

I really think you’re going to be on Oprah and become the next Dr. Phil with your own talk show. You have spoken TRUTH!!!


Las Vegas, NV

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