In case we need reminding, here are some of the things I learned to appreciate about men while writing my book Simply feminine…


14 Surprising Things I Learned from Men


  1. Men are more sensitive than we realize.
  2. Men rarely, if ever, gossip.
  3. Men won’t open up if we gossip.
  4. One of men’s greatest goals is to make women happy.
  5. Men need admiration more than they need love, or even sex.
  6. To men, the prettiest thing we can wear is our smile.
  7. Not all men are into large breasts.
  8. Men know what’s feminine because they are the beholders.
  9. Most men are touch starved today.
  10. Men are capable of loving more deeply than we are.
  11. Men need us to need them.
  12. Men need to impress us.
  13. Men don’t notice our little imperfections.
  14. Men see our beauty when we often don’t.



Examples of What Men Do for Us


Men have done the vast majority of the dangerous, dirty, and difficult jobs. In addition, they have fought our wars for us, and many have died.

To gain a greater appreciation of men and their masculinity, I’ve created a partial list of some of the dangerous and difficult jobs men do for the sake of keeping our society running smoothly. (Note that there are some women who perform these dangerous jobs too. However, feminine-core women rarely, if ever, have an interest in doing them.)



Dangerous, Difficult, Dirty Jobs Men Do


Armored car guard

Atomic power and chemical plant worker


Bomb squad

Bridge builders

Cement makers

Coal miners

Coast guard search and rescue

Commercial fishing

Construction laborers

Crab fishing

Crop dusting

Deep-sea diver

Demolition workers


Farming and ranching


Fire truck driving

Forklift operators

High rise window washers

Industrial machinery workers

Land mine detector

Logging and timber

Military duty in conflict zones

Oilrig operators

Pilots (planes and helicopters)

Police officer

Power line installer

Refuge and recycling collecting (harmful chemicals, hazardous waste and dangerous machinery)

Rescue helicopter pilots

Road construction


Skyscraper builders

Snow rescue

Soldiers in battle

Structural iron and steel workers

Taxi drivers/Truck drivers


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